EVP # 1 -do you hear what I hear?

Get out your head phones folks,and turn it up!!…..creepy.Says “wanna play?” (shortly after the 1:00 mark),It is saying this to my children!!!(camera was running in living room where 2 of my kids were sleeping. Later on towards the end you will hear a super creepy…cry or something? coming from other end of my house,basement or upstairs? there are no men in the house, no babies and the cat is outside. Lots of stuff going on! you can hear my son,7, snoring. other then that it is after midnight, and we are all fast asleep(when this was recorded, it was only myself,my son,7.and my 8 year old daughter in the house) let me know if you hear something I didn’t catch.thnx.ps if you are a GH team in search of homes to investigate, let me know. i have lots more,just need to upload.

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