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You may have noticed I’ve been making some changes to HR, as usual. The difference is this time I’m more pleased than ever with the site. I’m moving forward and I’m accepting Guest Writer positions¬†and articles for publication that you may have written. Full credit will be given where it’s due. You’ll get your own author account on the site and everything! Link backs to your own websites or social media properties are welcomed! If you’re interested I would recommend you contact me via the private message system on our Facebook page before using our contact form (another thing I’m trying to tweak so it may be buggy).

Thanks for reading and I’m very hopeful for the future of our wonderful site!

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  • I was born and weighed 2 pounds …that sure beat the odds and being 3 months early. I then was 2 and took a whole bottle of aspirin and again, beat the odds of an over dose.

    But…The recent story I’d like to tell is about beating the odds of being homeless and I discovered a whole new world!

    Please have an open mind here….

    We were living in Roosevelt, NJ
    My husband had lost his job . We faced being homeless. I’m disabled because of rheumatoid arthritis , mallet toes and edema in my feet. I’m not really able to walk. , or work. I’ve always believed in tarot , dreams and the spirit world but when my mother died.., I had a very real dream visit. My kids would see a man on my lawn several times. When I was with my husband for 3 years ..I was pregnant and had a miscarriage. The baby would of been about 30 at this time. Like I said …we were normal people and living in a condemned house of a slum lord. A perfect house to be haunted.., let me tell you. We would play Scrabble and I had sewn a black pouch /bag to hold the letters in. My husband went to get us food and I was alone. The first words to pull out of the bag was, ” Your fault. Hit me Mother” now…., I was very, very shocked because when I was having the miscarriage , I was alone and hit my stomach because of frustration , hurt, pain anger ..you name it ..I was losing my first child. I pulled more and more letters out and found out that (TJ) my miscarried son was raised by my father in law that died when My husband was only 3 . I never met the man but he’s one of my special spirits now. TJ and I continued to do psychic medium readings and even solved a murder mystery! The spirits that I talk to now are My father in law , TIM Herlihy. My sister Wanda La Rosa, brother John La Rosa , My Uncle Tony, His daughter Toni Lynne and her son Jim, and My grandparents Paul and Marietta. yes..I have a lot of them,,right here in my living room. I like to learn about their world and I live them love in exchange for their energy.
    I know this sounds off the wall..and I’ve been called crazy and nuts. I’d like a chance to show you and prove to the world that this is real . I wouldn’t mind 1 camera and 1 camera person because I need to focus .

    Thank you,
    Suzanne Herlihy
    psychic medium

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