The Ghost Hunting Taboo

The ghost hunting taboo started pretty early as in the early 20th century more people were open to this way of thinking. Seances, spirit photography, and “amazing feats” were abundant and paved the way for much of what we, in the paranormal field, do today. But it has also hurt us quite a bit. The fakery and false data created during that time, and believe me it was everywhere, has put a seemingly permanent stigma on the ghost hunting field.

The question posed now is, “How do we end this taboo? this stigma?”. That’s a good question and one I simply cannot answer. Though I could say what everyone else says. To keep detailed records, to be as thorough as possible, to examine all the angles, and they would be right.The likes of William H. Mumler, and his ilk, proven bogus psychics, and so many more of these types have put a stain on the field that effects it even today.

The sad truth is that there’s more proof of against the paranormal than anything and it’s in large part due to people who simply fake it. That’s not to say “psychic phenomenon” is entirely bogus but I think we can safely assume that if you hear someone say they’re “psychic” you would be more right to assume they were not.

But is it enough?

Paranormal investigating got a revival in the 2000s thanks to paranormal main stream but this actually hindered it, in my opinion, more than it’s helped. It gave birth to a large number of “teams” that were solely created to mimic their T.V. idols and to those who thought “hey… I could get on T.V.”. And hell… I’m not even against your end game being that, to get on a show, but when you flat out lie about that being your motive, well that doesn’t help the cause either.

I think the only way we can end this taboo is to keep doing what we’re doing and to obtain evidence that no one can look at and say “but what if…”. And therein lies another problem, perhaps THE problem. You’ll always be able to say “but what if…”. Science is ever-changing and while I hate comparing paranormal investigating to science, the truth is that we have to take a lot of what we do into consideration with it. We have to accept that what we know as truth, in the paranormal, is nothing more than our current belief. There is no truth.

/end rant

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Billy is an active paranormal investigator with more than 10 years experience in the field. He's currently the director of The Paulding Paranormal Society and has completed work on two full length paranormal documentaries.

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