Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigations Presents EVP & Ovilus “Ghostly Voices From Beyond”

Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigations takes you on another journey into the paranormal world of ghosts and hauntings. Presented here are some other very good and clear EVP’s we as paranormal researchers have collected for you to listen to. The EVP of the woman saying “outside the room” was captured by another great female investigator I investigated with years ago on another paranormal team. This EVP has always impressed me and I wanted to share it with everyone because of its great quality and clear voice communication. It is my voice on the recording and the question with the ghostly woman’s voice answering me directly on the EVP. We also have other audio clips of our team’s first use of the Ovilus during a private client paranormal investigation in their house. The results from the Ovilus experiment were very good and impressive. See for yourself. The Ovilus had never acted like this in our own house upon experimentation. Enjoy as you take journeys with our team into the paranormal world of ghosts and hauntings. You can visit us at our website www.thegraveyardshiftparanormal.com, we also have a Myspace website and I have a personal facebook site.

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