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Haunted America: Alaska

Alaska is a place of many wonders and resources including beautiful natural areas, a thriving tourist industry, and oil. It is sparsely populated compared to the rest of the United States, but holds its share of horrors. Plenty of eerie phenomena, cemeteries, and unfortunate deaths mark this land and create its own haunted history.

Between miles 8-12 on Chena Hot Springs Road, Fairbanks, Alaska

Ghostly lights are said to be seen on this particular stretch of road late at night. They take on many configurations. Sometimes the lights come in twos so they look like headlights and follow cars traveling along the road. Other times they will fly around and form one bright light. And sometimes they are different colors. They have been known to go down the road looking like a fast moving vehicle with blue, white, and orange colored lights.

Kenai Cemetery, Kenai, Alaska

Several spirits are known to haunt this particular cemetery. One of these spirits is Marie who is seen as a heavyset woman. The ghost of Arthur Johnson is also seen regularly. He appears as an older gentleman and is often seen maintaining his gravesite or the graves of the other occupants. Unmarked graves of several servants are to be found in the back of the cemetery. They were brought up to the area to dig for gold, but when the gold ran out, they were killed and buried outside the main cemetery because it was too expensive to feed them.

Rookies Corner (formerly Kiksaadi Corner), Sitka, Alaska

The Kiksaadi Club, or Kik, was once a well known gathering place. At least until a woman was struck and killed on a blind corner just outside the bar one night. According to the story, the woman left the bar very drunk. She tried to wander home on her own which was not uncommon in the small town. But that night she did not make it home. When she staggered onto the road on the blind corner she was ran over by a young man who was also drunk. Although she was severely injured, she was so intoxicated that she wondered around the area screaming and moaning until she finally died. Since that night she has been seen on that blind corner weaving around the road. She appears mostly to people who are driving while intoxicated as if warning them not to drive drunk. She has also been heard moaning and crying in the bushes that block the view around the corner where she died.

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