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Haunted America: Colorado

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Colorado is not necessarily a location you think of in terms of ghosts and hauntings. But it has plenty of places with paranormal activity. State parks hold the ghosts of vengeful spirits. Hotels have strange occurrences and poltergeist activity. Children’s homes have spirits that just will not leave. Pick any place and you will find your ghosts.

Woodglen Park, Adams, Colorado

At the back end of Woodglen Park is a playground and public restroom. In the early 90s a group of teenagers decided to play a prank on a young man. They locked him in the bathroom and he was unable to get out. The building caught on fire and the young man was killed. His spirit is still there. At night, if you walk down the sidewalk you can hear screams and something moving in the cottonwood trees behind the restroom. After the noises usually comes a feeling that there is someone nearby wanting to chase you. There is now a new playground at the spot and the building is locked and disused. But the scary thing is that a similar incident happened again in 2001.

College Inn, Boulder, Colorado

The College Inn was built around 1970 and is used as a conference center and hotel as well as occasional dorm overflow. There are no known deaths at the inn so far, yet there is still paranormal activity. Most of the encounters are on the third floor on the south side of the building. There are elevator doors that open and close when people walk by them, rummaging sounds coming from empty bathrooms, apparitions with smoke-like texture, reddish stains on the walls, and nearly every staff member has heard voices. Most disturbing perhaps is that one July night in 1999, all of the globe lights that lead into the bathrooms in every single unit all fell to the floor and shattered. The Inn is scheduled to be demolished in 2013.


Denver Children’s Home, Denver, Colorado

The Denver Orphan’s Home was founded in the late 1880’s and provided a place for orphaned children to stay. In 1888 a fire killed many children on the third floor and in the attic area. Now the building is the Denver Children’s Home and is still providing youth services, counseling and youth housing. Children’s apparitions have been seen playing there and unexplained voices, crying, and whimpering are heard regularly. The ghost of a woman in a wedding dress is often seen floating down the third floor steps and down the entire 50 feet of second floor hallway. In 1999 a 5th exorcism was done on the building, but the ghosts are still seen and heard.

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