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Haunted America: Delaware

Delaware is certainly not one of the first places you think about when you consider the paranormal. It has its beaches, hiking trails, food, tourism, but it is not known for its ghosts. There also are some places where you can hunt, so you can get your Complete AK 47 rifles from Palmetto Armory. But like all places, it has its dark history and haunted places. It has its haunted houses and hotels and correctional institutes built on top of graves. Perhaps Delaware is more haunted than you think.

Governor’s Mansion, Dover, Delaware

Many different ghosts have been reported here. One is an 18th Century gentleman with the trademark wig of the time. A rather drunken ghost likes to wonder around and empty out any wineglasses left in a certain place. Down in the basement is a ghost that likes to make rattling chain sounds. The place was supposedly a stop on the Underground Railroad and slaves were sold out and recaptured. Out in the garden, a little girl in a red dress is often seen playing.

Pachette Playhouse, Delaware City, Delaware

The Pachette Playhouse was last used as a dance hall and playhouse in the summer of 1999. The hauntings here are quite disturbing. The paintings and photographs on the walls are known to animate. Mirrors bleed and people are pushed down the front steps by unseen forces. Faces are seen in the second story windows and a strange purple light moving from room to room can be seen from the outside. And this is only a short list of the things that are said to have occurred in this place.

New Castle Women’s Correctional Institute, New Castle, Delaware

This correctional facility was, interestingly enough, built on top of a potter’s field which is a burial ground for the unidentified, poor, and unfit. At night, two children can be heard riding bikes up and down the halls. One particular little girl, who has identified herself as a 7 year old by the name of Jamie, is often heard crying through the vents in the shower room. She is mostly heard when there are only one or two people in the room. When spoken to, she claims she is looking for her mother. Among the other hauntings are a man fussing and a woman screaming for help.

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