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Haunted America: Florida

Florida is generally thought of as the state of sunshine and fun. But the state has its darker side. Florida has forts that saw war and battles with the Europe and Native Americans. The sun may shine brightly during the day, but by night it is the paranormal that glows.

Gibson Inn on Highway 98, Apalachicola, Florida

The ghost of Captain Wood haunts room 309. He died in that room from pneumonia after returning from sea. He moves shoes, tucks people into bed, and is generally considered to be friendly. Sunshine Gibson is believed to haunt the second floor. She is seen with her hair in a bun and wearing a long grey dress. She and her sister owned the hotel in the 1920’s. The front desk receives many phone calls from rooms that are unoccupied and from the kitchen phone which no longer works. The piano will sometimes play even though there is no one in the room. Footsteps are heard walking up and down the hallways.

Bagdad Cemetery, Bagdad, Florida

The sounds of children can be heard laughing from the overgrown land immediately next to the cemetery when there are no children around. Orbs have been caught on film at night. Local legend has something very interesting to say about the southeast corner near the exit road. In that area is a tombstone with a large round ball. On dark moonlit nights, the ball is said to visibly and audibly turn on its pedestal. There are three obelisks next to the ball that are oddly referred to as “The Sentinels”.

Bay Street Theatre, Eustis, Florida

Many different things have happened in this theatre. It was once the state theatre but is now hardly known at all. Theatrical productions still do well though. As for the experiences, screams have been heard upstairs in the costume and prop rooms. Orbs are seen and unexplained presences are felt. There is a hole in the balcony and a man is seen hanging by his neck from that hole. The technical booth on that same balcony often has unexplained things happen. The switchboard seems to be a favorite thing for the ghost or ghosts to play with. Lights will randomly turn on and off all the time. Once, a spotlight dimmed and pulsed to a slow heartbeat rhythm and did not change at all for many minutes even though people were working on it trying to fix it.

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