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Haunted America: Georgia

I want to apologize for not keeping up with this as well as I should have. My team and I are gearing up for several events taking place next month and in October. So these may not be posted as regularly as promised until my personal time is freed up again. One of the events, too, is pretty big and I’ll be posting about it once it’s released and done.

That said, this month we’re on my home state, Georgia!

Georgia is a state of agriculture and industry. It is a leader in vegetable and lumber production as well as manufacturing in certain areas. It also has a long and rich history from the Pre-Colombian era all the way to modern times. Much of this history is dark and filled with death. It is no surprise that there are so many haunted places here. Especially when you take into account major events of the Civil War took place here as well as racial tensions involving hate groups such as the K.K.K.

Barnsley Gardens and the Adair House, Adairsville, Georgia

Sightings of ghosts are Adair House and the Barnsley Gardens that surround it. One is a little girl that is seen playing in the gardens and in the attic of the house. She likes to turn the lights on and off. Employees will leave toys up there for her and the next morning they are in a different place. The ghost of a man is often seen wondering around the cottages on the property. He is believed to be Godfrey Barnsley, the owner of the land in the 1800s.

The Masquerade, Atlanta, Georgia

The Masquerade club was once a textile mill. Many young women died in accidents and many others died from tuberculosis contracted because of the working conditions. Over the years a lot of freak accidents have happened including fires and structural collapses. Now that it is operating as a club, heavy amplifiers are found turned upside down when people come in to set up for the night. As for other things in the building, cold spots are felt very often and unexplained footsteps and screams are heard in the backstairs area during non-business hours. On a more interesting note, the club is rumored to be visited by vampires. One is also believed to actually live on the premises.

Stone Pile Gap, Dahlonega, Georgia

At the intersection of U.S. 19 and S.R. 60, just south of Dahlonega, is a large pile of stones. This is the grave of a Cherokee woman named Trahlyta. In order to keep her youth and beauty she went looking for The Witch of Cedar Mountain. The witch told her to go to a medicine spring that was supposed to hold the powers of Great Spirit. Wahsega, a suitor that Trahlyta had rejected, kidnapped her and kept her away from the springs until she grew old and died. If you put a stone on Trahlyta’s grave, her spirit will grant you good fortune. But if you take a stone from her grave, the witch will curse you. Road construction workers have tried to move the rock pile twice and both times the trucks wrecked off the side of the mountain for no reason. Some died in the wrecks. Now the spring is called Porter Spring and is still said to have healing powers.

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