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Shai grew up in a house that was haunted. She has dealt with supernatural forces nearly her whole life. Even when she eventually moved out of her parent’s home things didn’t seem to slow down. After a tragic events years ago, one spirit in particular seemed to latch on to her daughter. To this day she is dealing with a spirit in her home. This is Shai’s Story.

Me: So how long have you had an interest in the paranormal?

 Since toddler-hood, I think. We lived in a creepy old house with interesting things going on, so I became intrigued as soon as I could understand and form sentences.

Would you say that living with ghosts has been unnerving?

 It can be, until you decide whether or not they’re harmless. So far, I haven’t had anything scary happen in this home. I lived in a 1900’s farmhouse in high school and had a lot of scary stuff happen – that was unnerving, to say the least…we moved.

So you grew up in a house that you believe was haunted. What has been your most unnerving experience?

Shai: That’s an easy one. My mom and I were at home alone in the farmhouse – it was built in the last few years of the 1800’s and had multiple foyers, staircases, and hardwood floors, walls, and ceilings. Somethingstarted knocking and beating, violently, in circles around the living room. It sounded like it was coming from within the walls and moving very quickly. We ran out of that room, and it followed us…no matter what room we were in, it was there spinning around us and going across the ceiling. We finally flung open the hardwood front door and ran into the yard – the door slammed behind us, locked, and the porch light turned off. My step-dad had to come home from his night classes to let us back in. I discovered the ‘interesting things’ by myself, and questioned my mom, who explained what she thought they were. She’s the only family member that talked about the possibility, but has always been open with me about it.

Me: That’s pretty amazing. Was that the only time it happened?

Shai: The knocking came back several times, but never that violently or repeatedly. I was locked in the barn at the same house several times, and once had a concrete cellar door slam shut and trap me underground. Luckily, my mom was right outside gardening and let me out – she told me I should have known better considering the ‘creepies’ seemed to hate me. The same house had a friendly spirit that I liked much, much better. He just walked around, jingled change in his pocket, and turned off lights when I left a room and forgot.

Me: A lot of your experiences sound more action based rather than witnessing a full apparition.

Shai: I’ve dealt with many, many occurrences, but never a full-bodied apparition that I can confirm in any way. My mom and I both saw, at the same time, a figure standing behind us in a mirror in that same house, but not long enough to figure out what it was or do anything more than spook us a bit.

Me: So what about your more recent experiences?

Shai: My daughter probably has more than I have had. Once we moved into this apartment, she started talking a lot about a grown woman named ‘Hannah’, or Anna, in her speak. She talks to her all the time, but says that Anna whispers in her ear at night and plays with her toys to keep her from sleeping. My daughter says Anna only goes in her room, the living room, and my studio – all which are on the front of the apartment. I have, however, been awoken by someone shaking me only to wake up and see nobody. I have laid in bed and had the covers moved or a hand touch my leg before I’ve come close to drifting off to sleep – just closed my eyes, actually. Other random little things happen here and there, but nothing to say whether it’s her or someone else.

Me: You seem to deal with such things better than a lot of people I’ve met.

Shai: I deal with them in real life better than I do on television – scary movies and ghost shows give me nightmares. In real life, I just realize that I don’t have much of a choice in the matter and learn to deal with it. I’ve had intuitive feelings, paranormal-type activity, etc. my entire life, so it’s become the norm, really.

Me: My readers have read a notion about a tragedy that happened years ago. Would you be comfortable discussing it?

Shai: My ex-husband, when we were teenagers, was involved in an accident that killed a 3 year old little boy. Within weeks, we and the people around us were having toddler-sized supernatural occurrences around us. It started with things like cups being slid off of coffee tables, entertainment centers – anywhere short. They were always slid from the center, not just bumped from the edge.

Me: Being that it’s most likely a child, has your daughter ever mentioned anything about it? Or anyone else for that matter?

Shai: My ex’s little sister saw and conversed with him from age three (her age at the time of the accident) until we moved out when she was five, and our daughter still talks about him. They both, though they’ve only met a few times, describe the ‘little boy’ that they fought with the exact same way: white hair, wearing nothing but underwear, and he ‘glows’. They both have also had bruises from him, but say he isn’t mean and just wants to play.

Me: How about you?

Shai: I’ve never seen him or heard from him, but he’s reacted to things I’ve said. And my daughter hasn’t mentioned him at night in awhile. We now mainly have experiences with ‘Anna’, but she seems to have them more often and even talks to her when she’s taking a bath.

Me: Shai, thank you for taking the time to talk to me about your current and past experience. Hearing all of it, I think people will learn a lot from it. That it’s very normal for many people. Any last words?

Shai: Don’t argue with a preschooler about their invisible friends – they just may be something you weren’t expecting.

I’m so glad my first interview was filled with some amazing personal stories. Shai’s story is truly one for the books. She understands that you either deal with it or ignore… a premise many people dealing with similar things seem to take.

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