Is the GhostArk A Total Bust?

Has the hope for a prodigal paranormal research device completely and utterly failed?

For many amateur ghost hunters, the promises made by the Italian creators of the Ghost Ark all-in-one paranormal research device have been completely nullified by what can only be described as pure negligence, at best, and a malicious scam at worst.

The device’s prototypes looked extremely slick; gorgeous displays, efficient buttons, and wonderfully constructed.  What people actually received was far from those initial prototypes.  There are stories of customers having to dissect their $200+ Ghost Ark to allow the buttons to move freely and engage their designed purpose.

Worse yet, the flash drive-based SD cards that shipped with the units actually prohibit the device from booting up in most cases, rendering the expensive equipment completely useless without the additional purchase of a high quality SD card.

One particularly upset pre-order customer said “this unit is total crap! It doesn’t work! The SD card constantly fail upon turning on.  After three tries you might get a successful card read.”

A glowing review.

The device’s issues are so damning that it has even spawned its own Unhappy Ghost Ark Customers Facebook Group:

Ghost Ark’s responses have not pleased anyone in the slightest.  Claiming that their prototypes worked perfectly, but they themselves were duped by the mass-produced version’s quality has enraged a great deal of users.  Furthermore, the company’s refusal to issue refunds has some users downright infuriated.

Ghost Ark is claiming that the Chinese New Year has affected their plan to send out new, working units to all of its customers, another fact disputed by unhappy users who have been able to order and receive replacement parts from the Chinese manufacturer without any delay.

So, is this Ghost Ark debacle merely an unfortunate mishap, or has the company willfully deceived their pre-order customers for personal gain?  Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Adam has been picking apart his own paranormal experiences for the better part of 2 decades. As an author and investigator, he has worked with, The Paulding Paranormal Society, and various other supernatural outfits.

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