Jim Morrison Ghost Picture

This is a ghost picture that has been around for some time and I’ve always find myself questioning it. The ghost photo and cropped photo you are about to see was taken at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France where Jim Morrison is buried. Though the person who took this image says he has had it analyzed by both paranormal and photo experts I still find myself questioning it. I think questioning everything is a common factor for many paranormal investigators.

It looks like the person is wearing sneakers, a white shirt, black jeans, and even a watch. Though the jeans could be leather pants… something that Jim Morrison seemed to wear often. And he does appear to have a beard as well.

Are there any other shots of the area? Or shots at the same place? Things like this need to be tested. I will say, as almost always, if this is an unaltered photo… it’s an amazing piece of paranormal evidence. I have seen and even taken some pictures that you would think looked superimposed but I know they weren’t. So assuming that they are fake due to that would be folly.

Update July 25, 2012 : We’ve seen a lot of speculation on the internet about the Jim Morrison Ghost Picture being debunked. We’ve decided to conduct our own investigation into this photograph and will post our analysis. So, is the Jim Morrison Ghost Picture real?

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