JREF $1m Challenge Is A Joke ?

For decades now the James Randi Education Foundation has had an open challenge to all those who claim to have a supernatural ability, such as psychics. Deep down I’ve always respected the work of the great James Randi and his team because for me psychics, especially charlatans, are as low as you can get. Recently, with years of experience in the field of ghost hunting, I’ve had numerous friends tell me I should try to enter this challenge. But something about the challenge has always seemed off putting to me… it wasn’t until recently that I figured out what I believe it is that bothers me about the challenge.

I could go the same route as the oh so many “psychics” who have turned down the challenge in the past. They don’t need the “money” or want the attention and really… for me… part of that is true. It’s also true in the sense that you honestly cannot make an investigation go your way, that you cannot make it a success. The difference being I cannot, in any form, guarantee results from one case wherein these so-called psychics claim to see spirits like we see living people.

That said, I believe I found a loop in his system. It isn’t so much a loop hole (since it’s literally IN YOUR FACE) but a fact that I think so many people overlook and JREF probably purposely plays down (I would, too).

Via their FAQ:

2.2 What is the definition of “paranormal” in regards to the Challenge?

Webster’s Online Dictionary defines “paranormal” as “not scientifically explainable; supernatural.”

Within the Challenge, this means that at the time your application is submitted and approved, your claim will be considered paranormal for the duration. If, after testing, it is decided that your ability is either scientifically explainable or will be someday, you needn’t worry. If the JREF has agreed to test you, then your claim is paranormal.

So why does this really stick out for me? The truth is everything will eventually become scientifically explainable. That’s actually a major point I’ve told people for 10+ years now. I firmly believe that we will eventually have the technology to not only better communicate with those who have passed away but even interact with them on a very real level.

What I mean specifically is that anyone who steps up and can past the test (actually past the test and not be a damn nut) will have an ability that, in my opinion, will be scientifically explainable one day. If ghosts are “energy” and we have the means already to manipulate several forms of energy then doesn’t it stand to reason that we’ll one day be able to manipulate this form of energy as well?

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Billy is an active paranormal investigator with more than 10 years experience in the field. He's currently the director of The Paulding Paranormal Society and has completed work on two full length paranormal documentaries.

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