Kurt Cobain: Ghost Box EVP Clips

In this latest ghost box EVP Recording session I heard a lot of voices of possible ghosts and spirits. Within this short video I have picked out some of the clearest clips for you to hear. As always I like to ask questions about the paranormal world in general rather than the individual entities and energies that inhabit it. In this session however I was asking if I could talk to any possible spirit if I asked to talk to them…would they come through? I was asking for a friend about Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and I did hear a possible disembodied voice mention his name. As ever though, what you see in this short paranormal research film are my own interpretations of the voices and others may hear differently and even hear voices that I have completely missed. What do you hear? Ghost box used in this session was the Radio Shack 12-469 modified radio otherwise known as the shack hack.

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