Louisville, KY Legend Proves Deadly

A woman was killed while investigating a local “goatman” legend in her hometown. The myth seems to be around a very old but still very used railroad trestle in Louisville, KY. I feel for this woman but this is why safety is paramount in the field. Common sense and respect for laws should always be used when considering places to investigate.

As wtol reports,

“It’s been around for years, even my nieces and nephews used to go and come out here,” Denise Harris said. “The Goatman, when they climb up on the trestles and they cross it–he’s supposed to come out when they cross it.”

Unfortunately the legend proved deadly in this case.

“I see a train pass every thirty minutes or so. It’s shocking, people hear about so many deaths and they still take the risk,” Michelle burns said.

“It’s sad, I pray for the family, my thoughts are with them but I wis hthat people would think about what they’re doing before they do it–it’s definitely dangerous.”

A chained fence and warning signs are in place to keep people away from the area.

Everyone please be careful out there. Just because others have successfully explored a place doesn’t mean it’ll always be safe for you.

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