Mike & Sci-Tech Paranormal

What is your name?
Mike Miccoli

What is your teams name? What is their website (if applicable)?
Sci-Tech Paranormal.

What are your team duties?
Webmaster, investigator (we’re all equal in that role)

How many years experience do you have in the field?
Officially, I’ve been in a group for 4 years. But I’ve been investigating the unknown for most of my life.

What got you into ghost hunting and paranormal investigating?
A strong desire to understand the mystery. I am not a believer seeking validation. I am also not a disbeliever looking to discredit the paranormal. To me, it is a mystery. And if by gaining a better understanding of events people experience I am then able to help others understand, then my goal is met.

What is the best experience you’ve ever had during an investigation?
I would have to say a local investigation of a bar. The owner of a previous bar became a well-respected and much -loved person in her community. When she passed away, those around her kept her memory alive by moving her bar into a new location and setting it up just as she had her place. Strange activity had been reported so we investigated. What makes this investigation so memorable wasn’t the evidence or the activity. We actually experienced very little of that. The moving part was conducting an evp session with her widower husband during which he shared the wonderful story of her life. It seemed to have brought a bit more closure to him and helped further her memory by sharing the story. While we didn’t catch any evidence, we did help people. That is a great reward and an unselfish one.

Have you ever been scared of an experience and if so what happened?
Forces will let you know when it is time to go. I can be pretty skeptical but to see my breath on an 80 degree night with my wife standing next to me unable to see her breath can pique my interest. Accompany that with an overwhelming feeling of not being welcome, and that can unnerve you.

Where has your favorite place been to investigate?
I’d say historical sites such as battlefields or forts/castles. So much dramatic energy concentrated in those places make for exciting investigations.

What location would you most like to investigate?
Pick a castle in Ireland. Any of them. Leap or Charleville Forest Castle in particular.

Any advice for the would-be ghost hunters?
There are many things you need to know before jumping in because you can get into more than just legal trouble for going into places you shouldn’t. But I would say keep an open but skeptical mind about it. If you are going in seeking affirmation of your beliefs, you will find it. Unfortunately you might believe something is paranormal when it really isn’t. Any paranormal investigator who claims to get evidence everywhere they go is believing in things that aren’t paranormal. I don’t believe there is a single haunted place where you can go and be certain to capture something. True evidence is rare and very hard to come by. Personal experience, no matter how intense, is not evidence. It’s just another story. Discount all possibilities for natural occurrences but don’t discount all occurrences as natural. Believing everything is paranormal will discredit quicker then believing nothing is paranormal. That’s just how it works.

Any advice for people who are experiencing paranormal events?
If you are afraid, seek help immediately. And do not look for groups that always find ghosts because they will likely be either fake or too blinded by their own desires to find ghosts that they offer no help. Few people engage in paranormal investigations to prove people are making it up or are simply crazy. Good paranormal teams will not judge you. They truly wish to help you (as well as themselves) understand the events you are experiencing. Do not accept groups that which to charge you money for their services, as too often they will tell you what you want to hear just to get paid.

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