pantry ghost

Here is a clip of an up-and-coming video people are calling “the pantry ghost”. But I do have to admit it is a bit questionable. There is no room for a child, let alone an adult, to hid in the pantry. It looks as if the entity is running toward the glass then running away from it. I can say that if this is legitimate, then this is the best piece I’ve seen so far.

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  • The way it was done to me screams hoax. The door opens, cameraman closes door…ok….he pulls away, ghost appears. That would have been fine. BUT right after the ghost appears, he knows to open the door again and view the inside of the pantry. Why? Why wasn’t that done when the door first opened? Why close the door, back away, then go back and re-open the door?

  • Chris – Because the point of him even video taping it was that they kept experiencing the door being opened when they woke up even after assurances that it was closed the night before. However, I will concede that generally people who are doing this “for fun” at home wouldn’t stay up with the camera and my personal experiences with ghost and phenomena like this has been that ghost won’t create such a push when someone is in the room. Think about all the stories you’ve heard. Someone has always been out of the room. Even on T.V. a chair moved when the investigator left the room.

    VC Paranormalist – Could you give a quick run down of how to do this trick?

    To everyone, I am not trying to say it’s legit. Granted it’s a bit convincing in my eyes but I can see this being real as well as faked. I just want some more information from you guys and everyone reading about their thoughts and theories.

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