The Paranormal Ego

If you’re in the field then you have surely experienced it. Be it yourself or from others. Team members or other teams… it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the question of “what about this field draws in or creates The Paranormal Ego?”

My hope is to make this an on-going study of sorts with multiple posts from time to time providing my own insights, and hopefully yours, of this phenomenon. The Paranormal Ego seems to be a big factor in what’s holding back the field as a whole. What’s worse… those with this ego are completely blind to it say for seeing it in others.

That might sound bad because here I am talking about others having The Paranormal Ego and yet… do I have an ego? I would like to think I do not. I’ve decided to contact some people I know and ask them for myself. I described the article I wanted to write and stated that I was entirely OK with them going all in and revealing everything.┬áSure there may be some bias because they are friends of mine and they may decide to hold back but I really hope they didn’t. Here are some quotes…


“I’ve never seen you flaunt any achievements, but rather you seem proud of them. I don’t think this constitutes an ego.”

“with your own theories you seem stubborn but ego no”

But who knows… maybe I do. That isn’t really the point of this post. The point is that we all need to reevaluate why we do this. It’s been my experience that The Paranormal Ego stems from those, whether or not they want to admit it, whose end game is televisions and movies and books. That’s not to say that wanting those goals is The Paranormal Ego but rather that those with the ego want that more than anything. And I’ve seen it time and again.

Many teams have fallen apart because they couldn’t “make it”. Their words, not mine. Especially in recent years though more and more paranormal based shows are coming out teams have all but disbanded (and sometimes entirely disbanded) because they didn’t get on T.V. And I’m not just pulling this out of my ass. Go look around the web… there are ghost hunting websites that I’ve seen which stated they are giving up because they haven’t gotten on T.V. Yes, it’s a thing…

Too many teams are created because of and/or idolize the paranormal teams on T.V… namely Ghost Hunters and TAPS. While very few shows like this existed when that show came on the air they were out there but this show really set the way for the others that are now on. But it seems people don’t realize or ignore the fact that TAPS wasn’t out to create a T.V. show. In fact, Pilgrim Films came looking for them.

So why not just do your thing, handle your cases, and if it happens then let it happen naturally?

Part 2 hopefully coming soon… I’m going to start paying more attention to myself, as well, and really determine if I suffer from The Paranormal Ego.

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Billy is an active paranormal investigator with more than 10 years experience in the field. He's currently the director of The Paulding Paranormal Society and has completed work on two full length paranormal documentaries.

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