Poll: Have You Had A Supernatural Experience?

And I don’t mean that as.. common as the title would suggest. I want to know how many of you have had a true, undoubtable, no second guessing yourself, paranormal experience? Take the poll and feel free to leave a comment about who what where when and how!

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  • I’ve woken up the voice of my grandmother, who is passed away, before. She use to sing all the time when cooking and that’s usually what I hear.

  • The TRUE story of a decade spent in a haunted farmhouse in Harrisville, R.I. is finally in print! It took 30 years from the time we abandoned our place in the country to find the courage to divulge the unabridged tale of our supernatural excursion. Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated our home in the mid 70s but could do little to mitigate the presence. They consider it to be among the most significant and compelling of their famous ghost-storied career as paranormal investigators. Though the Perron family haunted has been whispered about and speculated about for the past thirty years, the world is finally as ready as the family to share these secrets. If there is any doubt in your mind regarding these claims contact me directly at: or visit my YouTube channel at:
    I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks ~ Andrea

  • My encounter occured when we moved into our home. The house was built in 1920 and the lady who resided in the house had died. There were a few happenings. The worst being an incident involving water. When I came into the kitchen, the drain was down in the sink, water running full blast. So much that it overflowed the sink and ran thru the floor into the basement. I told the “spirit” that I wasn’t leaving and the problem stopped

  • Ok, so the first thing that has happened to me was that I was watching TV in my bedroom at night in the dark with my door slightly ajar, the landing light was on and it filtered through the gap in my door. Suddenly the light from outside of my room was blocked for about two seconds as though someone had walked past my door, I live with my family so I thought it was just a family member however I had not heard them so I decided to go and see who it was. I checked all the rooms but no one had came upstairs O.o Another time in my bedroom I was a sleep, and some books that were firmly placed on the top of my wardrobe fell off, and a few months later a shelf that I have screwed to the wall fell down all together rather suddenly in the night. The last and most unsettling for me was one day when all my family had been out at school and work we came back to find our house flooded, I was the last one in the bathroom that morning but to this day I still swear I had turned off the taps before leaving the bathroom…

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